Say More on Twitter With Fewer Limits

Twitter has changed, and it’s for the better.

From today the network has relaxed the way they count characters, so you can can say more in each and every tweet.

The difference comes in a few different ways including how you reply to people. Now if you’re @-ing another Twitter user their name won’t count towards the 140 character limit.

One very welcome addition is that any media you add to a tweet will no longer add extra bulk. That applies regardless of whether it’s a photo, GIF, video, poll or even another quoted tweet. It does seem like regular links WILL still be counted though.

Twitter is also removing the need for those .@ tweets which were required to ensure that all users could see a post. Now any time you tweet with the other name at the start of the message it will automatically be viewable by all.

You’ll also now be able to retweet and quote tweet from your own posts- perfect if you want to refresh an older message or just refer back to yourself because you’re awesome!

These changes were announced a couple of months back but are only starting to filter out into the general user pool now. They should be available on your platform of choice in the coming days.


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