The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is Great for College and Life!



Sometimes it can be hard to choose between a laptop and a tablet. Happily with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, you don’t have to!

This amazing device brings together the portability and versatility of a tablet with the raw processing power of a laptop. It runs a full version of Windows which means all the software you know and love, like the Office Suite, runs like a dream and it will even burn through high performance games.

On top of all that you can easily get involved with the gorgeous 12.3 inch touchscreen that’s designed to work in the most challenging conditions, including bright sunlight! It’s slimmer and lighter than ever before, making for a device that you’ll enjoy carrying around.

What’s more the Surface Pro 4 has a powerful battery that should see you through a whole day and beyond, with up to 9 hours of real-life use. There are cameras front and back and the versatile Surface Pen which is a great tool for designers and doodlers alike.

There’s even more good news too as the Surface Pro 4 is currently available for just €759 at Harvey Norman now, including their exclusive €100 cashback offer.

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