Top 5 Games for Your Mobile or Tablet Right Now


Check out the best game currently available for your smartphone or tablet

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutiPhone/iPad – €5.99

The king of mobile shooters is back with Modern Combat 5: Blackout. This is a fully fledged action shooter right on your phone or tablet. Incredible graphics draw you into the gameplay as you run and shoot and try not to die. Blackout contains a fully featured single player campaign where you can earn skill points to upgrade you character, which all remains in place when you switch to the high octane multiplayer. You can even play with friends and chat to them!

ShipAntics: The Legend of The Kiki BeastiPhone/iPad – €1.99

This puzzle adventure is fun for the whole family! Play as curious Amanda and cheeky Otto (he’s the one that’s an octopus) as you work to solve mysteries along with the crew of a fabulous shop called the Barnacle. Loads of puzzles are included and completing them lets you watch short animated segments with your favourite characters. This is part 1 of the adventure, with part 2 coming soon!

Plague InciPhone/iPad – €0.99

In most games, you play as the hero – battling tirelessly to save the world. In Plague Inc., you’re trying to destroy it. As an infectious pathogen you’re given a world of healthy people to play with, choosing when and how to evolve your strain and keeping one step ahead of biology, pharmaceuticals and human evolution. It’s a devilishly clever concept and stunningly executed on iPhone and iPad. Get it now!

Heads Up!iPhone/iPad – €0.89

The ultimate party game, Heads Up! gives players the name of a random thing – be it a famous person, a movie or a funny accent. Then you put the word on your forehead and your friends have to help you guess what it is! Simple and fun, this is the game Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show and now you can play it too with your friends.

MinecraftiPhone/iPad – €5.99

Minecraft was created by one dude back in 2009. It has gone on to sell nearly 60 million copies across PC, consoles and mobile. That’s incredible success is all down to the sheer addictiveness of the gameplay. In Minecraft you have a massive open world to explore as you wish where you can build just about anything you can put your mind too. This level of freedom has resulted in some amazing creations and millions of hours of gameplay. Isn’t it time you stepped into the world of Minecraft too?

In Short: We’ve scoured the wilds of the app store for the very best games you can play on the move right his very second, from puzzling to partying

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