Beat a Bulky Backpack with Powerful Tech

It’s time to get back to school and there’s nothing worse than having to lug around a heavy backpack all day.

You might think that’s unavoidable if you need to keep your laptop close at hand but there are a whole heap of solutions which won’t break your back, or the bank.

Take the svelte and stylish Lenovo Yoga 300. These neat little machines combine the power of a laptop and the portability of tablet into one unique device.

So you get the versatility of a regular keyboard and laptop screen set up which instantly transforms into a tablet with a simple fold. There’s even a tent mode which is great for watching movies.

Combining a keyboard and touchscreen is a great way to boost productivity and you’ll also find a touchpad to cover all your bases.

If you’re not in need of that touchscreen excellence, the HP Stream 13 is a great alternative, and it’s cheaper too.

Inside you’ll find a dual core processor and 2 gigs of RAM, plus an extra fast solid state hard drive that will keep up with everything you need.

There’s also a nice 13.3 inch screen and, most importantly, great spacing on the full featured keyboard. We love the bright cobalt blue colour too, which pretty much ensures you’ll never lose sight of it in a crowded classroom.

These are just a few of the impressively portable options available in the wide range of laptop computers at Harvey Norman. Visit a store or to find out more.


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