Preserve Your College Memories with a Camera- Great for the 10 Year Reunion!


If you’re heading off to college for the first time, you’ll be filled with excitement and anticipation. It’s a different world to secondary school, as you get to explore your chosen subject in a much more intense way and make new connections which could stay with you for the rest of your life.

These memories will be an important part of your development towards adulthood, so why not preserve them as vivid reminders with a high quality camera?

This is more than just a snapshot on your smartphone, taking photos that will last and last- you might even have some you can share at the ten year reunion in the far flung future of the 2020’s!

Dedicated cameras have a huge number of advantages over your ever present smartphone, including a much larger image sensor. This has a lot of knock on benefits including better low light performance.

You’ll also find that these cameras are much faster than other options, giving you more options to choose from, and with more consistent results across different situations.

There are even some with dedicated features that make selfies much easier, like the Panasonic GF7. This camera has a fully tiltable screen which lets you see the shot before you take it, and responds to gestures when you’ve got the perfect pout.


Versatility is another thing you’ll find in a dedicated camera- including the ability to change lenses in DSLR systems. That can be incredibly useful as your skills grow, and let’s you respond to the conditions.

For example for a group shot you can easily swap out to a wide lens to ensure no one is out of the picture, and a faster lens is more useful in low light. You can also get wide ranging lenses like the 18-55 lens that comes with the Canon 1300D, which is an affordable entry point into DSLR’s.

Our best advice though is to just keep snapping. Not only will you capture some great memories but you’ll also get to learn the skill of photography, which is always useful to have. You might even find you can use your cameras as part of a college project, providing an extra layer of creativity to help you earn those As!

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