AI Chooses Most Attractive Selfies

If you’ve ever thought that choosing a beauty contest winner must be difficult, you might be pleased to know that they’re now doing it with robots!

Beauty.AI 2.0 is the first contest to be judged with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Sophisticated AI takes into account a large number of factors based on submitted selfies and chooses its favourite faces.

There were a few rules including the fact that humans had to be wearing no makeup or glasses and couldn’t be sporting a beard. Then the faces were evaluated based on factors including wrinkles, symmetry, age and a whole lot more.

These algorithms can take into account discolouration and blemishes in the skin and also included a database of people who are considered attractive- such as actors or models from all different races. The software could even consider your actual age and how much younger or older you look.

The winners were chosen recently in various age categories and you can see them all over here.


This might be the future of beauty contests!

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