iPhone 7 Event Coming Soon- The Rumours so Far!


Apple has just confirmed that they will be holding a major event on the 7th of September, and we’ve got a pretty good idea of what they’re going to be showing off!

While the invite doesn’t mention anything specifically, which is pretty typical for Apple, it’s a pretty safe bet that event will focus on the reveal of their new iPhone lineup. There could also be a new Apple Watch on the slate and some other hardware announcements but mostly people are clamoring for the new iPhone.

There’s no official word on the handset yet but we have been seeing plenty of leaks, particularly over the last few weeks, and there’s certainly enough to speculate on features and other pieces of information.

Most outlets agree that the handsets will be called the iPhone 7 with an iPhone 7 Plus launched alongside it. That would make sense based on the recent releases from Apple, but we’ve also heard mention of a possible iPhone 6SE.

Camera quality is said to be a focus of this generation, particularly in the Plus model which will include not one but two cameras on the rear. This could allow for all manner of premium features including wider shots, fancy depth of field effects and just better pictures overall.

We’re also hearing that Apple is set to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack which can be seen as a good and bad thing. It will allow for slimmer handsets in the future and bring in a generation of headphones with higher quality audio and the ability to power more advanced devices. However it will also mean having to use an adaptor or invest in a new pair of phones, though it’s possible Apple will include a pair in the box.

You should take everything as a rumour for now but with just a few short days left before the official reveal it’s time to get excited about the latest iPhone!

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