Apple Prepping New 4K Desktop Machine and Even Thinner Retina Powered Laptop


Apple is set to have a busy year, with new mobile hardware and a new operating system due before the end of 2014.

And they’ve got more to reveal on the hardware side as well, at least according to reports. Rumours suggest that the company is working away on a couple of new additions to their highly successful Mac line.

First up (allegedly) is another MacBook device, this time with the focus on creating one of the smallest and lightest yet in the range. The 12 inch laptop will be thinner and lighter than ever before – potentially by removing some of the internals. Users will also benefit from the additions of a Retina display, which was recently included in the MacBook Pro range.

Apple may also release a new desktop which will boast staggering 4K resolution. That means it’s capable of displaying images with almost twice the quality of the best Retina displays currently available, making it perfect for showing off your snaps or work. This new desktop will likely be available as both a super high res monitor and a self-contained Mac computer.

The report suggests that these new devices will be sold by pushing their integration with Apple’s upcoming operating system upgrade – OS X Yosemite. We’ve already seen some of the mobile integration in this OS and it makes using your suite of Apple products together easier than ever before. The new operating system also has more visual flair than before, which should make it look amazing on that massive new display!

Expect an update on future Apple products in September 2014.

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In Short: Reports suggest that Apple has some serious hardware planned for 2014, we’ve got the inside scoop on what to expect

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