Satnav’ footwear could help you find your way home


There are few things as scary as getting lost in an area that you don’t know. Thankfully, smartphones have made it easier to get back on course. But they often involve navigating maps, frequent checks to ensure that you’re heading the right way, and it’s not always wise to carry your phone in plain sight.

Wearable technology is making navigation more discreet and easier than ever. A new gadget, called Lechal, comes as a ready to wear shoe or as an insole that can be tucked into any shoe and will help you find your way. The satnav footwear uses a Bluetooth link to connect to your phone’s mapping system, and lets you know when you need to turn by sending discreet vibrations to your feet.

Not only will the technology help you find your way around, but it will users develop an ideal route for fitness. All users have to do is input how many calories you want to burn and they’ll plot the perfect run or cycle.

The Bluetooth-enabled Lechal shoes and insoles are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

In Short: Lechal’s shoes and insoles are bluetooth-enabled to help consumers find their way home with discreet vibrations to let them know where to go.

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