Oculus Rift Lets You Pilot a Massive Jaeger Robot From Pacific Rim!


San Diego Comic-con 2014 is about to kick off in the States, so prepare for plenty of exclusive movie announcements and other cool stuff, including the latest tech.

That includes the Oculus Rift – the virtual reality headset that’s going to change the way we interact with games and media in the not so distant future. And one of the best ways to experience it is by stepping into the cockpit of a towering robot and doing battle with an even bigger monster.

That’s right, with Oculus Rift at Comic-con, you can get into a Jaeger bot from the movie Pacific Rim and kick seven shades out of a monumental Kaiju. It’s based on the visually stunning movie from Guillermo del Toro and built with the incredible detail of the Unreal 4 graphics engine.

Here’s some more info, along with scenes from the movie.

It’s going to be truly amazing stuff, and available at the Legendary booth in San Deigo for the duration of the expo.

With this demo in the wild, maybe we’ll get the chance to play with it as Oculus Rift comes closer to its late 2014 release date. One things for sure, Harvey Norman is planning on having a test unit available very soon so you can witness first-hand the future of virtual reality.

Head here to learn everything you need to know about Oculus Rift.

In Short: The incredible virtual reality technology of the Oculus Rift lets you step into the cockpit of a massive brawling bot

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