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The college year is rapidly approaching and it’s time to start organising yourself for this new experience. Getting everything together will not only allow you to focus on enjoying the experience when the time comes, but also means you can take advantage of some keen hacks.

One of the biggest differences between secondary school and college is the reliance on technology. Most of the resources you’ll need are available online; you need to type up, and print out, your assignments; and lecture notes are often available in digital format. Here are some tech tips to help you get through your time at college.

First things first, you’ll need something to type up lecture notes, assignments, and enable you to get online while on campus. It just so happens that another benefit of such a device is the ability to entertain yourself with media or games. While a tablet is portable, it doesn’t have the capacity to handle everything you’ll throw at it. A laptop on the other hand certainly packs the amount of power you’ll need, but could weigh you down, especially after a long day trekking around campus.

Striking the perfect balance is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (now €759 after cash back), which offers the versatility of a laptop and a tablet. It packs plenty of power, but is also incredibly light, and it runs Microsoft Office perfectly. This suite of productivity apps will be your go-to programs in the coming years. You can use the Surface Pen to write or draw on the slate, or you can pick up a keyboard attachment to blitz through assignments.


The Surface Pro 4 is a part of Harvey Norman’s €100 cashback offer, meaning you’ll get money back on your purchase, which you can then put to use on other things for the college year ahead.

Time is a precious commodity, especially as deadlines approach, and you don’t want to be spending that in queues for the printer. Investing in a printer of your own will save you time, heartache, and some money as you don’t have to keep your account topped up and can print out your notes and work from the comfort of your own home.

The HP Envy 5540 is an easy and affordable way to not only print your college documents in laser-quality, but will let you print out lab-quality photos too, so you’ll have photos from your life at college as keepsakes. Saving you even more hassle, the HP Envy connects to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi, allowing you to print documents in even fewer steps.

This printer also comes with 1 black ink and 1 colour ink plus an extra Black ink valued at €19. That should help you get up and running, and the printer itself is discounted to €89, down from €128.90 right now, further cutting down on your back to college costs.


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