Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer- Top Five Facts

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Dyson is a name synonymous with cutting edge technology which makes your day to day life easier. They’ve already revolutionised the worlds of vacuum cleaning, air conditioning and hand dryers, and now their sights are set on hairdrying.

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is a marvel of engineering and design. Check out our top five facts on this incredible new device.

A Huge Project
The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer was developed over more than four years, costing more than €60 million! That’s a lot of work and it involved the efforts of more than 100 engineers, many of whom had been hired just for this project.

600 prototypes. One major step forward for #hairtech. #dysonhair

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Extra Training Needed
While Dyson purposefully hired extra female designers (who could test out the product on their own hair) more specialised training was needed. The company sent their development team to actual hairdressing school so that they could find out about the needs of people who are working on hair everyday.

Revolutionary Design
Dyson threw out the familiar hairdryer design to come up with handle containing a motor with a large nozzle above that. This area is mostly a hole which uses Dyson’s patented ‘air multiplyer’ tech.

Essentially air from the room is drawn in via the sides of the nozzle and pushed inwards under great force. The air streams push against eachother and produce an even more powerful blast which can be directed at the hair. This design makes it both lighter and stronger than traditional dryers.

Quiet and Quick
The Supersonic name may make it sound extra loud but the title actually refers to the way the motor moves fast enough to push its frequency out of the range of normal human hearing. Together with rubber mounts inside that dampen the vibrations, it’s a surprisingly quiet hairdryer.

It’s still a beast though when it comes to drying, capable of working in half the time of conventional models. That will save you serious time each and every day you wash your hair.

Kind to Hair
All of this power doesn’t mean the Dyson Supersonic is tough on your hair. Faster drying means less damage to your luxurious strands and there’s more top tech helping out too.

For example, you’ll find no less than four temperature and three airflow settings. That means you have precise control of how much heat and power you’re subjecting your hair to and an internal thermometer checks the heat 20 times a second to make sure everything is right on track.

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is available now at Harvey Norman Ireland.





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