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Your washing machine is a real unsung workhorse – taking on massive jobs and finishing them before being filled to capacity once again with more t shirts and towels and undies.

What if you could make life a little easier for your washing machine and a whole lot easier for you? Well now you can with king size washing machines.

These models, quite simply, fit in more clothes into every wash. They come with larger drum sizes and quite often larger doors as well, making them easier to fill to capacity and, importantly, less of a chore to unload.

Less loads means you save time that you can spend doing other things and there a number  of other benefits as well. If you’re using the machine less that saves on energy use and also means you’re using less water. Over time you’ll save money from lower electricity bills and you’ll also find you’re using less detergent.




Even a model with a  9kg drum can make a big difference, especially if you’ve got a house full of people you’re trying to keep clean and tidy. The Candy 9kg Large Capacity Washing Machine crams in the clothes and plenty of program modes as well as an A+++ energy rating.

Stepping things up again, the Zanussi 10Kg Freestanding Washing Machine also has an XXL door which hinges right back to give you easier access. With a 1400rpm speed it powers through the load in double quick fashion, even with the larger capacity. This model even uses advanced sensors to calculate the right time, energy and water use for each wash, for more efficiency every day.

Or if you really want to play in the big leagues, Hoover has a 13kg Washing Machine which is truly the ultimate king sized model. Inside the enormous drum you’ll find a 3D dynamic wash system which ensures every item gets the same amount of cleaning attention and it even has a motor that runs almost silently. And a special All in One cycle washes all colours and fabrics in one go, in under an hour.

So if you have a large family or find yourself frequently wading through mountains of laundry, isn’t it time you stepped up to the big leagues with a king sized washing machine?

Harvey Norman has a full range of king size machines, in store and online.

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