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Smoothie, Blueberry, Yogurt.
Smoothie, Blueberry, Yogurt.

Moving towards a healthier lifestyle can seem like a daunting task but there’s a lot of help to be found along the way, whether that’s handy apps to give you fitness tips and reminders or teaming up with like minded friends.

And you can get some real help in the kitchen too, with easy steps to introduce healthier food options which you might start to like even more than what you ate before!

Juicing has been a major trend over the last few years and it’s easy to see why – it’s fast and simple and helps you pack huge amounts of nutrients into drinks that taste great.

What’s more, you have total control over what you’re putting into your body, instead of relying on expensive store bought brands. If you need extra minerals or vitamins you can add them right in, or if you’re heading for a gym session some protein makes the perfect addition.

Nutribullet is one of the leading brands out there with a simple system for breaking down your ingredients. Or if you’re on the move the Sage the Boss to Go Blender has extra features including a powerful 1000w motor for quick results and a tumbler with an optional sports cap so you’re out the door in seconds.

Another way to get a huge nutritional boost is spiralizing. This new wave is all about creating carb substitutes out of healthier materials. Essentially you use a special machine to create noodles out of fruit and veg!

The results are much much lower in calorie content than the pasta or noodles they’re replacing and also sneak extra vitamins into your diet. It doesn’t hurt that the spiralized foods look great and might even make it easier to get the kids interested in those greens!

And what if we told you that you could move to a healthier lifestyle and still enjoy the delights of fried food? Health frying works with advanced technology which uses superheated air to cook the food, using little or no oil.

The best part about air frying, apart from it being healthier, is that it also preserves the texture and taste of regular frying. So you get the crispy crunch on the outside and juicy or fluffy food on the inside without having to worry about calories. It’s great for chips!

The Philips Airfryer uses this tech and comes with a handy book of recipes to help you get the most out of the system, and it’s also designed to minimise the overpowering odours you might associate with regular frying.

If you’ve got the whole family to feed, you might consider the DeLonghi Multifry Classic which includes a hefty health fryer that can make 1.5 kg of potatoes in one go as well as a multicooker. It’s fast, versatile and again helps you make healthier eating habits.

Just a few small changes to your lifestyle can have hugely positive effects in the short and long term, giving you more energy, better quality of life and minimising the risks of some serious illnesses later in life. So come down to Harvey Norman and check out our selection of health conscious products for your home.

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