Stay Powered On Campus All Day

College life puts a strain on a smartphone’s battery. Between passing time between, or possibly in, lectures; and keeping tabs on social activities, it can tax even the biggest of batteries. It can be tricky to find somewhere to plug in a phone charger when on campus, but power banks can help your battery keep tipping away no matter what you’re doing during the day.

Power banks are an incredibly convenient way to keep your phone juiced throughout the day, no matter what you’re doing. Many are lightweight and compact, so easy to stick into a bag just in case you need an emergency charge. The Box Power Bank, for example, is the smallest portable power option that you can find and can be slotted into your pocket, purse, or jacket.

Once your phone’s battery starts wilting, all you need to do is plug it into the power bank. There’s no need to be anywhere near a socket, perfect for sitting in a lecture or common room.

Some of them pack huge capacities, allowing you to charge your phone more than once or multiple devices at once. The TP Link Power Bank offers the ability to charge two devices at once with plenty of charge to go around. And if you need additional charging cables, perhaps in case of charging multiple devices at once, or you simply want to jazz things up a bit, look no further than Belkin’s array of Micro USB cables.


Once you’ve charged your smartphone, simply charge up the power bank using a wall socket so you’ve got extra juice on hand in case of emergency.

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