Stop Watching Start Seeing- LG’s 2016 OLED TVs


TV is changing, with the idea of home theatre really coming to life like never before.

The latest panels offer crystal clear images and the most advanced technologies including OLED imaging for the ultimate black levels and eye catching colours. Oscar winning filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apoyclpse Now) has more on OLED.

LG’s 2016 range of TVs combines the power of OLED with gorgeously thin designs, incredible contrast and the power to keep up with fast moving images.

The range starts with the 55 inch model at Full HD. This curved TV envelopes the viewer in rich and deep colours and ensures you’re always sitting at the sweet spot with wide viewing angles.

Ultra surround sound puts you at the centre of the action and the full Smart TV system is made even more accessible with the included Magic Remote.

Bump up the resolution to 4K for even more detail, four times more than regular HD. Services like Netflix are starting to show content in 4K and ultra high resolution blu-rays are on the way.

This 55 inch set also features High Dynamic Range technology which shows you images in a new way that’s more like how our eyes see the world. You get greater detail in highlights, deeper blacks and better pictures all around.

Or why not get the ultimate OLED TV with LG’s 65 inch monster. This has the best in picture technology with 4K and High Dynamic Range imagery in a super slim form that’s almost impossibly thin.

There are epic extras too, like a high quality sound bar and full featured 3D with included glasses. Get a whole lot more from your TV, no matter what you’re watching.

Find the full 2016 LG OLED range at Harvey Norman now.

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