Fresher Survival Guide- Welcome to College!

The summer days are coming to an end, and it’s time to get packed up and ready for your first year in college.

There’s a lot to consider as you get ready to move on from secondary school to the full experience of college. There’s less handholding and more responsibility as well as whole lot of clubs and societies to get involved with.

You’ll also have plenty of work to do so it’s important to go in with the right tools, and that means having a laptop solution that’s portable and powerful and can keep up with you all day and into the evening.

One great option is the 11 inch MacBook Air which offers great performance and up to 9 hours of battery life without having to hunt for a socket. That can be a life saver when you’re stuck on a long commute, and it will really help out with your assignments. What’s more, this model is incredibly thin and light at just 1.08kg.

This kind of quality doesn’t come cheap but you can arrange for full financing on any laptop and Harvey Norman is offering an extra deal with €100 cashback on any computer or Apple Mac worth over €699 right now.

Getting the right computer is a start but it’s even better with the right accessories. The Off to College Pick’n’Mix bundle gives you a great deal and a lot of choice at the same time. You’ll get a handy laptop sleeve, large power bank, wireless Microsoft Sculpt Mouse and two large sized USB sticks which are always very useful for carrying around your work.


What’s more, you can choose your own range of colours to suit your style, including black, blue and red for most items.

These are just a few things you’re going to meet as you head off to the new challenge of college, so be sure to call into Harvey Norman for all your new semester needs.



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