Pokemon Go is finally fixed!


Pokemon Go has been out for over a month now and is already one of the biggest apps of all time with over 100 million downloads just on Android smartphones.

It’s a real global phenomenon but it also hasn’t been the smoothest launch with plenty of server issues during the first few weeks and a number of frustrating errors which the developers have been trying to fix.

The good news is that a number of updates have now landed for the game, making early issues like slow loading or stalling during Pokemon battles a thing of the past.

A major patch was released at the weekend which was aimed at smoothing out a few more rough patches and also took aim at the long running problem with finding Pokemon inside the game.

Originally, Pokemon Go featured a ‘nearby’ screen with a function that showed if you were moving closer to or further away from a specific Pokemon in the area. That system fell over more than a week ago before being entirely removed from the game.

Considering that finding Pokemon is the main objective of the game, removing this feature caused quite an angry backlash from players. Happily developers Niantic have updated their software and a new method is now live.


Now called ‘Sightings’ this panel shows Pokemon in your area. As you move around you’ll get an update for how close they are- if the creature disappears then you’ve gone too far. It’s not quite as subtle a system as Nearby but the most important thing is that it works right now.

We’re hearing that another system is also being tested with by certain groups in the US so it might change yet again in the future. For the moment, get out and catch them all!

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