Battle Royale – Laptop VS. Tablet


If you’re going to college, you’ll need a computer in some shape or form. There’s no debating this point. There are too many resources (lecture notes, journals, student forums) online to ignore. But should you shell out for an expensive rig, or keep it thrifty with a palm sized tablet? There’s no clean cut solution to this – you’ll simply have to gauge which of the follow factors matter most to you…

Battery: College days don’t always amount to a solitary lecture in the late morning followed by an afternoon of pool. Most days are exceptionally long and you’ll want a machine that burns the midnight oil alongside you. Laptops hold their charge for a few hours, while tablets should cover you for the whole day.Winner = Tablet

Input: Tablets are intuitive, easy to use devices, specifically designed to accommodate casual, often one handed input. But there can be no substitute for a full keyboard and mouse. The original and best.Winner = Laptop

Size: While a generous laptop screen is awesome for some much needed weekend binge watching, the tablet steals it here with a compact, interactive display.Winner = Tablet

Storage: No contest. SD card expansion or no, there is no competing with a 500GB lappy which can handily support a 2TB external USB hard drive!Winner = Laptop

Performance: Similar result here. There’s no question that tablets are superbly crafted, designed specifically to maximize CPU performance. But as a noticeably larger machine, often with its own dedicated graphics processer in addition to the central one, laptops are more powerful.Winner = Laptop

Software: Put simply, a full suite of Microsoft Office can set you back many hundreds of euro. Software sporting similar functionality can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.Winner = Tablet

Cost: Either device is going to set you back the price of a few weekend’s… ‘entertainment’. But by and large, tablets are only a fraction of the price of their big sisters.Winner = Tablet

Gaming: The number of free games available to tablet users is virtually unlimited. But there’s a reason for that, they’re mostly muck. If you’re serious about gaming during your R&R, get yourself a laptop. And a Steam account.Winner = Laptop

Portability: A simple equations for the scientists among you – If laptop A is almost 18 inches wide, weighs between 2 and 3kgs and requires its own carry case and tablet B is merely 7 inches on the diagonal, weighs in at barely 300gs and fits in your back pocket quite comfortably, which device offers superior portability?Winner = Tablet

Stand Alone Device: As a stand-alone, one stop, all you need computing device, we’d have to give it to the laptop. Simply put, it’s a more versatile machine with infinitely greater customization options.Winner = Laptop

Ultimately, whether you decide upon a laptop or tablet, it will depend not only on your personal preference, but also on what the college year has in store. For further inspiration, check out our products here and get yourself sorted out before semester begins.

In Short: With your freshman year fast approaching youll soon have to decide whether its in your best interests to purchase a laptop or a tablet

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