Get Into Action Cameras for Just €99!


Action cameras are great to have around for all sorts of reasons.

The most obvious one is if you’re ready to take to the waves or the slopes, intent on throwing your body from a height or careening around around in your favourite two or four wheeled vehicle.

But even if extreme sports aren’t your thing these versatile cameras are highly versatile because they’re so simple to use. With a quick button press you can grab high quality video that really captures the moment, and they’re much tougher than your delicate smartphone.

They’re also surprisingly affordable, with prices for entry level models like the Kaiser Baas X80 starting at just €99. For that you get detailed 1080p video with a wide angle lens that won’t miss anything plus instant 5 megapixel snaps.

You’ll also find special housing in the box which makes the X80 safe to use underwater at a depth of 30 metres and ensures you don’t have to worry about the odd drop, or even a crash. And the two inch display on the back makes it easy to line up the perfect shot.

It doesn’t take much to add a few more features either, with the X100 including full Wi-Fi support. That not only means you can see what the camera is recording from afar on your smartphone but you can also play it back on the larger screen.

Plus there’s an included wrist remote replicating the camera buttons so you’ll never have an excuse for missing a shot.

Or why not try the X150 Action Camera which takes your footage to the next level. This adds in the ability to take even higher resolution footage, as well as really cool slow motion videos. You can also grab time lapses which take frames across a long period of time for epic results.

And it doesn’t hurt that the X150 comes with a black out waterproof case for all your stealthy missions!

You’ll find a full range of action cameras in-store and online at Harvey Norman.

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