Instagram Stories- Share Your Best Moments


Instagram has a great new feature, and it’s called Stories!

With just a few button presses you can show off a snapshot of your day using pictures and video as well as a bunch of extra graphics, text and drawing to make it even cooler.

You just have to log into Instagram and make sure you have the latest version then hit the button at the top left of the feed to get started. Press the shutter button to take a photo or press and hold for a video, then you can edit the extra fancy things in the next step.

Rather than updating new photos throughout the day they’ll all go into your story, and as you add new content people will be able to experience everything you’ve gotten up to as a series of stills and videos.

It’s easy to discover stories in the new horizontal list at the top of your feed and the profile picture will light up when they’ve added new content. These stories also won’t clutter up your feed as they only last 24 hours and then they’re gone.

You can make it so everyone sees your Stories or only a select few and a quick swipe up will show who has actually checked it out recently.

The full range of features will be coming over the next few weeks, we don’t seem to have stickers just yet, but be sure to get the latest version of the app on iOS and Android now to start making stories.

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