Drone Racing Arena Opening In Korea


Drone manufacturer DJI is to open a massive arena for drone owners and enthusiasts later this month in Yongin, South Korea.

The 4,500-square-foot arena is situated around 30 miles south of Seoul. It will, according to DJI, provide drone owners with a safe place to learn how to fly their crafts. Once they get the basics down, they’ll also have a facility that can provide them with a bit of a challenge and a place to race their drones.

The DJI Arena will be equipped with safety nets to prevent heartbreak, an LCD TV for an immersive first-person experience, and an adjustable LED-lit circuit so visitors can hone and test their skills. Its maintenance room allows for charging and minor repairs as accidents can happen.

DJI says that it believes the arena can make drones more accessible to the general population. It also provides them with a dedicated environment that they can fly in without worrying about any regulations.

It may take some time for such a facility to open on this side of the water, but drone ownership is on the increase in Ireland. You can shop the range of drones available at Harvey Norman online. A purchase could be the perfect excuse for a holiday to South Korea!


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