How To Keep Your Home Printer Running Smoothly


It can be hard to keep your printer in ink. Whether you’re a casual user or a professional working out of their home office, there’s always something to print… be it letters, homework, birthday cards, bills, contracts or just holiday photos, ink doesn’t sit long in a printer.

Depending on the quality, complexity and colour variation of your print job, your printer can gobble up its ink cartridges quite quickly. And at decidedly lower prices, there is a temptation to veer away from first party brands and save money on third party ink cartridges.

This isn’t the bright idea it seems at a glance.

Firstly, it’s a little known fact that many printer warrantees are null and void once a third party cartridge is inserted. So if you want to keep that ‘free repair or replacement’ safety net intact, you’ll have to match ink brand with printer brand.

More importantly though, the quality of ink just isn’t as high in third party alternatives. Non brand name ink cartridges can produce blotchy, streaky, faded prints. In fact, as often as not, you’ll print the same thing out two to three times just to balance it correctly. Save time. Save money. Just buy the brand.

There are specific benefits to buying branded ink cartridges too…

Canon inks work with the micro-porous coated Canon photo paper in their PIXMA printer series. This results in rich, vibrant proto prints. Epson’s unique printing system combines its Micro Piezo technology and its genuine Epson inks and media for detailed prints.

Brother ink is specially formulated to achieve the correct fluidity, which flows through critical points of the print head with ease. Also, to prevent smearing, Brother ink penetrates and dries on the paper quickly, reducing the chance of blotting.

HP offer excellent value ink savings with a range of XL inks which offer up to 40% savings on your printing costs vs regular inks. Alternatively if you’re looking to replace your old printer, HP’s Officejet range offer professional colour printing with up to 50% lower cost per page vs traditional laser printers.

The home printer is a sophisticated, complex piece of technology. So it should come as no surprise that not just any old ink cartridge will do. For the guaranteed best results match your brand of ink cartridges with your brand of printer. It’ll save you both time and money in the long run, and result in significantly better prints!

In Short: Harvey Norman on the importance of matching brand names when it comes to ink cartridges for better quality prints

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