Top 20 Strangest Google Searches!


Today you can Google just about anything to find out more information than you could ever possibly need, it’s even become a verb people actually use in real life!

With the wealth of knowledge available online, we’ve all typed in a strange question or two over the years. Humans are curious beasts and when there’s a chance to get answers from an anonymous source, why not send out that query and see what you get back.

Google is always listening, and it remembers what you ask. And so we come to the top 20 craziest questions asked on the service. Now you may think these strange queries are pretty uncommon, but these figures are broken down by month, and into the thousands of people who constantly ask about them!

Here are the top 20 craziest Google questions!

Am I Pregnant? (90,500 searches monthly!)

How Do I Get Home?

Are Aliens Real?

Does Farting Burn Calories?

When Will I Die? (49,500)

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Do Penguins Have Knees?

Why Are We Here?

Is the Tooth Fairy Real? (8,100 searches)

Do Pigs Sweat?

Does My Bum Look 40?

Is the World Flat?

Am I A Psycho? (5,400 searches)

Why Won’t My Car Start?

Do Men Have Periods?

Do Worms Have Eyes?

Can a Man Get Pregnant?

What Happens If You Drink Blood?

Why Does My Boss Hate Me? (170 searches)


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