Top Tips For Boosting Smartphone Battery Life

Smartphones are our source of entertainment, distraction, and information on a daily basis. Those duties, however, are quite taxing on battery life. No one wants to be reaching for a charger in the middle of the day, and thankfully there are some tricks that can help you keep your phone going for the day.

Chemical engineer at University College London, Paul Shearing, told MailOnline that squeezing every drop of life out of your smartphone is “a careful balancing act between prolonging the life of your phone battery on a daily basis and maximising the battery’s overall calendar life.”

The first thing to do is close out apps that aren’t being used. Most smartphones will tell you how much of a drain apps are, so make sure you close those that consume the most power.

There are certain smartphone functions that can be quite useful, but aren’t necessary at all times, particularly if you’re trying to save battery. Turn off location services when you don’t have to use apps like Maps, and turn off push notifications for non-essentials; your social media updates can wait.

Your smartphone’s display is by far the most taxing on battery life; there is a trade-off for those big, beautiful and bright displays that many smartphones feature. If battery life is a concern of yours, knock down the screen brightness a few pegs manually; this will conserve more battery life than turning on automatic brightness settings, though that should be your first port of call.

Finally, you should turn off Bluetooth, which can be a drain on battery life, but Wi-Fi should be left on.

These tips should help you squeeze out an extra bit of life from your smartphone’s battery.

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