Future VR Headsets Will Give You Expressions


Virtual Reality is here, and we’re pretty much jetting into the future with a whole new way to experience the world around us.

It’s hugely exciting and the possibilities for how it’s going to change the way we interact with everything from movies to games and even eachother online are practically endless.

Virtual interactions are nothing new to the internet but the sense of presence and closeness you feel through VR is unmatched, and it’s about to get even better.

A company called Veeso is working on a new VR headset which uses infrared cameras to detect the movements of your face, recreated them in real time on your digital avatar.

That means the missing human element of facial expressions can become a part of your virtual interactions, everything from a big beaming smile to the subtle raising of an eyebrow. It sounds like pretty incredible technology, and you can see it in action in this pitch video.

One camera is all about tracking eye movement, which is great for expressions and also has other applications because it knows where you are looking. A second camera dangles down in front of the mouth of the user, capturing the movements of the mouth and jaw with high accuracy.

It’s also a neat VR headset as well which works with Android and iOS phones and is compatible with the Google Cardboard suite of applications.

This technology could be ready by the end of 2016, making it possible to meet someone in a totally digital space and smile.

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