Nest Cam Reveals What Pets Do When Home Alone


The Secret Life of Pets hit cinemas, giving us a glimpse at what our furry friends might get up to. It turns out that the cartoon insight may not be too far from the truth, as these videos from Nest show.

A series of short video clips highlight how mischievous, clumsy, destructive or, in one instance, energy aware our furry friends can be. We particularly like the video of the cat who gets a little too comfy, and pretends like nothing happened after it tumbles from its lofty perch.

Nest’s cameras are great for capturing what your pet gets up to when you’re out of the house. But they can also provide peace of mind from a security standpoint too. Nest has also highlighted instances of burglars being caught out because of a home security camera on its YouTube channel.

The Nest Cam Security Camera is available at Harvey Norman.








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