Robots Could Deliver Your Next Takeaway!


The future is now, Robots are delivering takeaways!

Takeaway service Just Eat is about to roll out its first fleet of robot delivery drivers onto the streets of London. These little bots will be joining other mechanical creations that are set to change the home delivery world forever.

The bots are made by Starship Technologies and have been designed to work within a three mile radius of the restaurants, trundling along at a top speed of four miles an hour.

Here’s what they’re going to look like.

Pretty cute and small enough that they’re able to use pavements instead of roads, and they’re still able to carry loads of to 20 pounds – which is quite a lot of pizza or thai or whatever you’re having yourself. 

The bots uses sophisticated sensors to plot a course to their destination and avoid obstacles along the way. And it turns out that makes them very polite indeed, according to this video.

There are two pilot programmes in London with more being set up Germany and Switzerland at the moment. It won’t be long until we see them on the streets in Ireland.

The robots are coming, and they’re bringing food!

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