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You may have noticed the service at retailers around the country, maybe the boxes on shop counters calling for your spent batteries emblazoned with the name WEEE. But what is it and what does it want from us?

WEEE is a mysterious entity fed by defunct electronics. It will happily snack on used batteries of all shapes and sizes but its real diet is home appliances. In fact, more than 16,000 tonnes of appliances were collected and guzzled each year and the total collected amounted to almost 8 kilos for every person in Ireland!

WEEE Ireland is all about waste but it’s actually an organisation which works with its members to manage the collection and disposal of electronics waste. WEEE itself stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – so everything from your cooker to your fridge via computer monitors, TV’s, toys and kettles. WEEE also disposes of used batteries.

WEEE manages the collection, recovery and recycling of spent products that would otherwise be cluttering up our landfills, and also takes care of items that might be dangerous – like fridges leaking harmful gases. They’re all about engaging with the public to see that your electronics good are laid to rest safely.

The materials are collected at large retailers like Harvey Norman – customers can bring any electronic item to a Harvey Norman store and they’ll pass it on to WEEE free of charge. At that stage,they’re sorted into categories by WEEE and then the hazardous elements are removed and sent elsewhere for safe disposal. The item is broken down into parts and anything that can be recycled is and emerges as a whole new product!

WEEE Ireland does vital work to help keep our waste safe and supplies the raw materials needed for recycling. You can find out more here and remember to bring your unwanted electronics to your local Harvey Norman store for disposal.

In Short: You may have seen the boxes around but exactly what is WEEE Ireland? We reveal the shocking truth in this expose

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