One Clever Pokémon Go Player Is Using A Drone To Catch ‘Em All


Pokémon Go is designed to get players up and going, and it’s working a treat. Players are going for walks or driving to further out and possibly new destinations. The game has even sunk its claws into professional rugby players, though they’re willing to skip the exercise portion of it.

Another Pokémon Go player eager to avoid moving too far is Tumblr user Perchbird. He taped his smartphone to a drone and interacted with it over WiFi using an app called AirDroid on his phone and laptop.

Unfortunately, the system had its limitations, such as a maximum distance of around 1,500 feet. He says it might work better over data, but the connection would have been too choppy to fling a Pokéball to capture a Pokémon, so his hands were tied. Perchbird also lives in a remote area with the closest pokéstop about a mile away.

This hack might work better in a more populated area, though you’ll also need a stronger signal and a drone that keeps its GPS running when taped to a smartphone. If you can tick all those boxes, and you fancy capturing some Pokémon from further afield, make sure to read up on drone regulations so that you’re not the one being caught!


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