Upcoming Smartphone App Can Tell If You’re Lying


A new app is in development, which can tell when somebody is lying. It reads faces, so we could all be as obvious as Pinocchio when we try to lie.

Finding true love is one of the purposes of the app; the developers say that it could help daters find out if someone is really interested in them. Of course, it would serve a practical purpose elsewhere too.

The app is being developed by Toronto startup NuraLogix and uses software called Transdermal Optical Imaging. It measures blood flow patterns in the face, which we have no control over, to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not.

It’s not recommended to rely on this technology when it becomes available though. It won’t be replacing lie detectors in a court of law because it won’t be able to achieve an extremely high accuracy level. And if you’re already going out with someone, resorting to the use of an app to see if they’re really interested in you probably isn’t the best of signs.

The app is unlikely to be available to the public for a few years.

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