Virtual Reality is Heading to University

Virtual Reality is going to be popping up in all walks of life over the next few years, and it has a huge part to play in education.

As the cost of entry into the virtual reality space has started to lower, educational institutions are starting to use the technology more and more. One example is Reading University in the UK which is using VR in multiple departments as a teaching aid.

One of the more exciting uses of the technology on campus comes from the Classics department and associate professor Matthew Nicholl’s. He has spent the last several years putting together a highly detailed recreation of Ancient Rome using modern computer graphics.

The model can now be used along with a VR headset to allow students to fly through everything or even stand right on the streets and look around from a first person perspective.

It’s an immersive educational experience which has never really been seen before, and represents a way to engage students in unique ways rather than merely spending time with texts. We might even see new methods of education emerging, with visual elements that could be more inclusive to those with learning disabilities for example.

Reading is also using virtual reality to create impossible landscapes for the study of human representation and language and even given them the chance to build ancient cities brick by brick.

The term VR is starting to leak into public consciousness and there’s a real sense of excitement about what the future will hold. As Oculus Rift and HTC put out their debut products into the world, and we await the arrival of the PlayStation VR, the future is looking bright for this startling new technology.

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