New Remote Lets Your Dog Control The TV


If your pooch is fed up of Euro 2016 – perhaps they’d prefer to be watching Wimbledon – they may have more of a say over what’s on TV in the near future. UK-based pet food brand Wagg has developed a dog friendly remote control that will let your four-legged friend dictate what they want to watch.

Wagg surveyed pet owners and found that 91% of respondents said that their dog regularly watches TV with them. Meanwhile, one animal researcher with the University of Central Lancashire said that studies found that “the average dog now watches more than nine hours of TV a week.”

The oversized remote control features yellow and blue colouring, which are a more preferred blend of colours for red-green colour-blind dogs, emits squeak sounds, and features a hole to attach a rope toy to so the dog can carry it around. The buttons feature raised surfaces and are supposedly paw-friendly, so there should be no paw slippage.




The remote is currently being trialled and Wagg hopes to put the model into production if it goes down a treat. Perhaps it will be available in time for Crufts in March, 2017.

Wagg also produced a one-off spoof of Gogglebox, titled Dogglebox, in which canines sit down to enjoy some quality TV entertainment.


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