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Apple looks set to become the newest challenger in the smartwatch market later this year when it launches its eagerly anticipated iWatch. Naturally, because so many people are awaiting news, there has been plenty of speculation as to what it may look like and what it might be capable of.

SET Solution has compiled this information and designed its own version of the iWatch, which certainly looks the part. The concept iWatch features a 2.5-inch curved screen, runs iOS8 and comes with a range of health sensors. That certainly sounds about right.

Fitness has become a focal point of the wearable technology market and we expect Apple to play its part. It was recently announced that iOS8 will feature a comprehensive Health app, making it easy to see all of your own health and fitness data, while the HealthKit tool for developers will enable fitness related apps to work together to form a fuller picture.

Expect nothing less than a stellar looking device when Apple unveils the iWatch. Traditionally, the company knows how to create an eye-catching design, but considering Apple recently snagged TAG Heuer’s VP of sales, Patrick Pruniaux, great things are expected.

Recent reports suggest that the iPhone 6 will feature a sapphire display. Apple invested more than $500 million into an Arizona facility that produces sapphire and it’s a more flexible material than that used in many smartphone displays, so it would make sense for the iWatch to follow suit.

It’s unlikely that the rumours and leaks will cease any time soon, but don’t expect Apple to reveal anything until it’s good and ready. It is expected that Apple will make an official announcement in September or October, and launch the iWatch in October.

In Short: What will Apple’s iWatch look like? SET Solutions summed up the most important rumours and reports in once concept design.

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