Garmin’s Drive Sat Nav Series Helps You Focus On Driving

Garmin’s Drive sat nav series, which it says will help you focus on the one thing you’re actually supposed to be doing, driving.

It offers a range of useful features and assistance to make your drive much smoother and less stressful. The Garmin Drive offers driver alerts to notify you of upcoming twists and turns, speed changes, and other delays.

There’s also Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling (DriveSmart, DriveAssist, and DriveLuxe), a necessity in this age of connectivity and regulations, voice activated navigation, and smart notifications of incoming calls and texts.

This isn’t the only safety feature that the Drive series offers; the DriveAssist is also capable of letting you know if you’re driving a little too close to the car in front of you, or if you start veering out of your lane – a sure sign that you’re getting a little tired and need to take a breather.

One feature we particularly like is the built-in dash cam that the DriveAssist features. This records your drive and automatically saves footage, so if worst comes to worst and you do get in a bit of a scrape, you’ll have proof to show you weren’t at fault.

The video below shows you everything you need to know about this incredibly useful series – and it’s told with plenty of humour!

Garmin Drive products are in store now, pricing starts at €133.

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