Get Snap Happy This Season – Check Out Our Top 5 Cameras


No matter what kind of weather we get in Ireland, it’s always worth having a decent camera around. Whether its for party snaps or arty snaps or just to be ready to get some photographic evidence when the sun does peek out!

Harvey Norman has a massive range of cameras from point and shoots to DSLR and even something for sporty sorts. Check out the top five cameras available right now and click through for more info.

1.Canon Powershot SX700

If you’re looking for a combination of zoom power and portability you can’t go wrong with the Canon Powershot SX700. It has a 16.1 megapixel sensor with 30x optical zoom that helps will get you close to the action, as well as a wide angle lens so you won’t miss a thing. And it still manages to be slim and sleek, with extras like 1080p video recording and a glorious rear screen, as well as Wi-fi and NFC capabilities.

2.Panasonic TZ60

Good looks, a great zoom and a really sleek design are what you’ll find in the 18.1 megapixel Panasonic Lumix TZ60. The zoom range goes from 24-720mm, what that means for you is a 30x optical zoom that should be good for any situation. The camera is light and looks great, and even manages to include an electronic viewfinder which can be a great tool to get that one tough shot and also helps to increase battery life. NFC and great quality Wi-fi functions included.

3.Go Pro Hero3+ Black

If you’re a video fan and looking for something a little different, you have to check out GoPro. The company has been the king of action packed video for years, with their tiny, water and shock proof cameras being mounted on everything that moves, cruises or flies. And the new Hero3+ Black edition is smaller and lighter than ever, while also pushing out incredible high definition video, slow motion and up to 30 photos a second!

4 Sony HX400

If you’re looking to take a step up from point and shoot cameras, a bridge snapper is the next step. They’re a little bigger but a lot more powerful and still quite portable. The massive zoom lens magnifies up to 50 times and it’s backed up by a terrific 20.4 megapixel sensor. The glass comes from the genius’ at Zeiss labs and helps get you closer to professional grade. You’ll also find extras like Steady Shot, an electronic viewfinder and a flip-out screen for imaginative angles. You can even use your phone to control your camera!

5 Canon EOS 1200D Twin Lens Kit

Point and shoot and compact cameras are great but there’s nothing like using a real DSLR. It’s really all about speed and versatility. These cameras lock focus in an instant and a moment later the camera is ready for another snap. And the photographer can adapt to any event, swapping out their zoom lens when they head inside for something faster, brighter and with a lot more DoF. The Canon EOS 1200D is the perfect point of entry into the DSLR system – you’ll get to know your way around a light camera body and any lenses you pick up will work throughout most of the Canon range. If you love taking pictures, there’s no excuse not to!

For plenty more camera options, click here.

In Short: No matter what you’re trying to shoot – fast moving children, slow moving animals or an amazing time lapse adventure, we’ve got you covered

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