iPhone 7 Could Redesign Camera


Apple hasn’t yet confirmed the existence of the iPhone 7 but it is an absolute certainty that a new flagship handset is on the way from the tech giants.

It is very hard to keep a secret in the world of technology and the easy flow of information through the internet and social media has only made that more difficult in recent years. The result is highly anticipated products being leaked months before release.

And the iPhone is no different. The latest rumour suggests that Apple could be making some big changes to the device. This could include finally moving those ugly antenna lines to the sides of the device (something that’s long overdue) and an upgraded camera.

A few leaked images have been shown of alleged cases for the upcoming iPhone, and a common theme has been a larger camera ‘bump’ on the back – suggesting Apple is packing more technology inside.

Some leaks have also shown off a much wider area for the camera, which could mean that Apple is borrowing a trick from Huawei to include two camera sensors for improved image quality, speed and accuracy.

Camera quality is a big issue for smartphone manufacturers and if Apple can actually bring something new to the table it could be a fantastic addition to their upcoming lineup. It isn’t yet known which models will get the camera upgrade and as always leaks are to be treated as rumours until made official.

Expect news on the iPhone 7 in September 2016. You can find a full range of Apple products at Harvey Norman.

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