This Football Generates Electricity Through Play

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Renewable Energy is always a concern in our modern age and people are finding more inventive ways to generate the power we need.

Take Uncharted Play which is taking the idea of capturing our kinetic energy to all new heights. It’s all about translating the movements of our bodies into electricity through special technology, and now you can do it while playing.

Uncharted Play has made a soccer ball called SOCCET which generates power while you’re kicking it around. 30 minutes of playing should be enough to give your phone a quick top up via the included USB port.

Another important use for these products is in developing countries where there access to electricity is inconsistent or non-existent. Being able to create enough power for light and other basic needs would make the world of difference to people growing up with nothing.

Uncharted Play plans on integrating this potentially world changing technology into a whole range of products in the future, including basically anything with wheels like luggage and buggies and also into floorboards to capture all that wasted energy.

Who knows, in the not so distant future you might job to work to keep your computer functioning for the whole day!

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