Is The HTC Vive The Future Of Home Entertainment?


Virtual reality looks set to stake a claim for a place in your living room this year. While virtual reality headsets have been closely linked with video games since their inception, they are capable of being used for so much more.

There are already more than 250 “pieces of content” available for use with the HTC Vive. And that figure isn’t just video games, though that would be mighty impressive. There are games, apps, and movies available for the headset just months after its release in certain territories. HTC’s VP of VR Content Development Joel Breton has been quoted as saying, “If you can’t find something to enjoy on there right now, you might be doing something wrong.”

What makes virtual reality more appealing than simply sitting down to play a game or watch a movie traditionally is how immersive the whole experience is. Bethesda is working on a virtual reality version of Fallout 4, which will be out next year, so you can lose yourself in its sprawling world.

Virtual reality is the perfect home for immersive experiences too; we recently got to see what life is like under the sea with theBlu and it’s an incredible sight to behold. Not only was I able to wander around a shipwreck and look off the side, but there was also a lifesized digital version of a Blue Whale that swam inches away from our face; it took quite a bit of self-control not to reach out and try to touch it.

While we’ve seen technology like 3D not quite get off the ground, there has been so much invested in virtual reality by major players that it’s quite simply unfathomable that it won’t be supported for the foreseeable future. HTC, Valve, Facebook, and Samsung are just some of those involved in the VR push, while it looks like Microsoft and maybe even Apple won’t be too far behind.

The early signs are bright for VR and this is a technology that will fundamentally shake up how we consume some media. When it comes to an immersive game or digital world, we don’t see traditional consumption holding a torch to the idea of strapping on a virtual headset and stepping into the experience.

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