A Third of Irish Adults Would Ditch TV License for Online Video

Our TV viewing habits have changed rapidly over the last few years, and the shift away from conventional television is only going to continue.

That’s according to an Irish study by broadband providers Pure Telecom. In a survey conducted by iReach of 1000 online adults across the country it was found that almost a quarter, 23 percent, of Irish households have already abandoned regular satellite or cable TV.

Instead, users are increasingly turning to online services such as Netflix for their entertainment needs. 80 percent of those surveyed who have broadband also stream video online and the on-demand nature of these services makes them more appealing than regular satellite TV.

This has a serious knock on effect for TV licenses. As users move away from the usual methods of consuming television to online services they’re more likely to consider the TV license fee to be an extra and unneeded expense.

Of the 86 percent of those surveyed who pay for a TV license, 36 percent said they would at least consider stopping paying the fee over the next five years.

There’s no doubt that people are changing how they interact with their TVs at home and the advent of online streaming video gives them more choice than ever.

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