Your Essential Kit for Travelling

It’s summertime – the kids are off school and you’re dying to get away to some foreign climes where sunshine, sand and maybe a good book or two await.

You’ve probably already got a place by the pool staked out and are making a list of local restaurants but don’t leave just yet because Harvey Norman has you covered for those last minute items and important essentials for travelling.

Boarding passes, reservations and those all important passports – the paperwork for a holiday can be tricky. Make it all a breeze with a handy travel document folder that keeps everything together.

You may be on holiday but your phone is likely still coming with you – which means you’ll need to keep that battery life topped up for photos and social media but don’t check the work mail! With 4000mAh of power, this Belkin battery pack will keep you juiced up and works great for anything with a USB port.

You’ve already escaped the country, so why not unplug completely and float away with some soothing tunes. The Bose Quiet Comfort headphones are not only light and stylish but also include active noise cancelling which can reduce the din, even on a crowded airplane.

You could bring a stack of books or pack a whole library with the iPad mini. With a 7.9 inch screen it’s perfect for reading anything and everything – including the latest holiday favourite or you choice of website. And it’s also great for planning an excursion, browsing snaps or watching a movie.

Remembering which specific adaptor you need for different countries can be a chore, so we highly recommend an all-in-one solution. This Kensington model works throughout the USA,Japan, Australia, China, UK and Europe and also includes two USB ports to you can charge three things at the same time!

Get everything you need for your holiday at Harvey Norman and enjoy the break – you’ve earned it!


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