Apple Reveals What It Has Planned For The Future


Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year wasn’t mind-blowing, but there were some intriguing announcements and reveals nonetheless.

One of the focal points that interests us most is Apple’s interest in the connected home. Apple is launching a new app called Home, which gives you a central control point for all of your smart appliances and systems. And there will be plenty of products released that will work with this app; Apple promises that there are around 100 HomeKit products to be released this year. Apple hopes to make the connected home incredibly easy to use with a feature called Scenes. These are grouped actions that affect several devices, so a “Good morning” scene, for example, might turn on select lights, open up your window shades, and turn on your air conditioning. The fantasy house of the 80s is set to become a reality.

Naturally, Apple had some news for its iPhone users too. Messages is to be upgraded significantly in the near future. One of the biggest additions is the ability to include ‘rich links’ to photos, videos, and songs, which means that you won’t have to click through to enjoy them.

Emoji aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are incredibly popular. That’s why iPhones will now suggest emoji based on the text that you’ve written, so you can be hip and cool too!

Messages has also gotten some interesting and novel features like the ability to write in invisible ink, or soft and loud text, or draw or sketch their thoughts.

Elsewhere, Apple Pay looks like it could make its way to these shores next year, if not by the end of this year.

Siri is also being rolled out on Apple Mac, allowing users to search their desktop or laptop via voice commands. Apple is also to make Siri a bit more capable, with app developers being invited to use the technology to add voice control elements to their offerings.

It may have been a more low-key WWDC than usual, but Apple still has plenty in store for current and potential customers.

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