Upgrade Your iPhone and Free Up Storage



Apple has just finished unveiling the latest version of their mobile operating system, and it could come with some great benefits.

iOS 10 comes with a large number of new additions but one benefit that hasn’t been shouted about too much is that the update itself seems to actually give you back more storage space.

The install could give you a gig or more back after it is completed, which is good news in and of itself. Plus iOS 10 will allow you to delete Apple-made apps like podcasts, tips and calendar to free up more space.

It will also take a glance at your music list to see what tracks you haven’t listened to in awhile and dynamically delete them from your local storage. That frees up space and the music can always be downloaded again, or streamed for a more space efficient solution.

The full release of iOS 10 isn’t available yet but these measures sound like a really positive step, especially for those users who are using iPhones with 16 gigs of storage.

iOS 10 will be available by the end of 2016. See the latest Apple iPhone products at Harvey Norman here. 

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