Tour the Wild Atlantic Way in VR!


Virtual Reality is going to change how we experience games and movies and even the internet, shopping and more. And it’s also set to have a huge impact on the tourism industry.

Imagine being able to immerse yourself in a faraway land without having to travel. To dive beneath the Antipodean waves on a quest for the Great Barrier Reef or fly above the trees of the Amazon.

With virtual reality technology and the advent of drones and other equipment, these kinds of experiences will be within our grasp, and it’s also set to be used to draw international travellers to Ireland.

Fáilte Ireland has put together a series of videos showing off the splendor of the Wild Atlantic Way like never before. These videos can be watched with a virtual reality headset allowing the user to look around in any direction at once. All you’ll miss is the salt spray!

That’s one hugely impressive way to experience this kind of video, and it’s part of a major new initiative by Fáilte Ireland which will no doubt expand in the coming months.

Of course if you don’t have a headset you can also interact with the videos – just use the arrows on your keyboard or swipe around with your finger if you’re on mobile or tablet. It can take a little while to get used to being able to look anywhere!

In addition, you can explore more sights from the Wild Atlantic Way in 360 degree photos via an interactive map on the official site. Why not plan your next trip a little closer to home?!


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