Outsmart Your Weight With Aria


When yoursquo;re trying to lose weight it can be easy to get disheartened by the cold hard truth of a conventional weight scales. Theyrsquo;ll tell you your weight in a most efficient manner but therersquo;s more involved in slimming than mere pounds.

Fitbit knows that and theyrsquo;ve added a new product to complement their range of fitness bands and trackers ndash; the Aria.

While it may look like a normal weighing scales, therersquo;s a lot more going on with the Aria. In addition to showing your weight, the device also uses passive current to determine other data like your Body Mass Index and fat percentage.

Thatrsquo;s amazing enough in such a slim device but the Aria will also sync all of your data wirelessly to your computer. And thatrsquo;s where the really genius level stuff comes in. Rather than just focussing on shedding pounds or kilos, the Aria sends all the data to a program which shows your long term progress in a series of easy to understand graphs.

That means a transgressive week when those desserts were just too tempting or a short bout of the couch potato bug doesnrsquo;t have to derail your good intentions. Yoursquo;ll have an immediate visual sense of the progress yoursquo;ve made and just how easy it is to get back on the scales.

This date is also available in a free mobile app to track your fitness on the move and itrsquo;s backed up by a suite of tools that lets you set and work towards goals as well as enter in details like food consumption and specific activities for even more detailed data.

The Fitbit Aria is all about giving you a more positive outlook on getting in shape while also focussing on important aspects like retaining a healthy BMI. Together with an exercise routine and some dietary work, it can be a vital tool on the way to a new you!

In Short: The Aria from Fitbit is all about working smarter towards your goals while also making sure that you maintain a healthy outlook

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