iOS 10 Adds Predictive Emoji


The upcoming iOS update, iOS 10, will add predictive emoji as part of its QuickType recommendations.

When typing a message, switching to the emoji keyboard will result in iOS 10 recommending emoji that you could replace certain words with. To replace words, all you have to do is tap on the highlighted word and the recommended emoji will be inserted instead. In addition, emoji will be presented three times bigger than before.

Soon it’ll be easier than ever to litter emoji throughout your messages.

Apple’s Messages has been improved in other ways too. It now features rich links, so you can watch YouTube videos from within messages, while website links actually appear as site previews.

There’s a clever new feature called Tapback, which will let you send one of six quick responses. Meanwhile, typing a phrase like “Congratulations,” or “Happy Birthday” will result in a related animation taking over the screen.

The final version of iOS 10 is expected in September.

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