GIFs are Coming to WhatsApp finally


WhatsApp has a lot of competition in the personal communication world, so it needs to be constantly changing and evolving to keep up.

One very important aspect of these messaging services is the visual ways users can communicate with eachother. Whether that’s through being able to send pictures and videos or adding emoji, it needs to be made as simple and accessible as possible to keep people on the platform.

And we’ve got good news for WhatsApp users, it looks like GIF support is on the way. As of right now you can add GIFs to a conversation but the other person has to open a browser to make it actually work.

An update has been spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS which will allow linked GIFs to show up properly right in the conversation. If its in the beta you can be sure that it will be on all apps in the not so distant future.

It doesn’t sound a perfect system just yet as you’ll still need the link to share a GIF which isn’t the most intuitive way but it’s a first step from WhatsApp and more is most certainly on the way.

We’re also hearing that you might be able to make video calls soon on the Android and iOS apps. Stay tuned for more.

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