Best Tablets For Last Minute Studying

Sometimes an impending exam is what we need for information to stick in our mind. It’s no wonder that last minute cramming is a distinctive sight outside exam halls and even in cars in commute.

Carrying a stack of books and notebooks is an option, certainly. But it’s not the most practical solution when you need to look over a few things. And there are definitely better ways to keep your notes organised.

We’d recommend a tablet for last minute studying, though in truth they’re a useful study aid at any stage in the year. They’re compact and light enough to carry around or take out for a quick catch up whenever and wherever you have a spare moment. And yet, at the same time, they offer you access to your entire collection of notes, study aids, tools, and much more.

No matter the operating system you prefer, there’s something to suit your tastes.

Microsoft’s Surface 3 is a feature-laden tablet with the capability to run desktop software and touch apps. It’s fast and responsive, and works like a laptop with full Office functionality, meaning you can do practically anything you could on a laptop or desktop PC.



Apple has always produced stellar tablets and the iPad mini 2 is no different. It provides access to a wealth of apps, which should enhance your study, and it’s incredibly compact. Meanwhile, the Facetime camera is ideal for those post-exam catch-ups with friends and family.



Finally, one of the most budget-friendly offerings available is Samsung’s Galaxy A7 tablet. It’s small, but mighty and its 4,000mAh battery means it will keep on going for quite a while. The Galaxy A7 tablet is the ideal tablet for kids as it’s possible to limit how much time is spent on it, while there’s also an assortment of child-friendly apps.


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