What is the HTC Vive?


Virtual reality looks set to be the ground breaking technology of 2016 and beyond. One company getting in on the action is the HTC with a virtual reality headset, the Vive, developed alongside Valve – the makers of Half-Life, the now owners of DotA 2, and Steam.

Up to now, the most notable virtual reality headset has been the Samsung Gear VR. But the Vive is remarkably different. Yes, both are headsets, but the Vive connects to your computer, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Yes, you can enjoy VR media, looking around compatible videos simply by moving your head. But the Vive also lets you enjoy video games, immersive experiences, and much more.

The Vive features stand-up sensors that you locate around your room. These ensure that you’re kept safe while using the headset because while using the Vive, you are free to move around. Of course, our homes aren’t quite as expansive as in-game worlds can be, so these sensors produce a grid that the headset wearer can see when they get too close. That should prevent you from running into a wall no matter how immersed you get in the experience.



One of the distinctive features of the HTC Vive is the Touch controller. These handheld controllers feature a touch pad on the top and a trigger, and are held like a joystick or gearstick. When you don the headset, you’ll be able to see them if they are on the ground or being held out in front of you by someone else, making it incredibly easy to simply reach out and grab them.

These controllers make first person shooters a breeze and allow you to live out your dreams of being John Woo or Neo, but they excel in other areas too. A game like Job Simulator – yes, that is a real thing – shows just how accurately they reflect your hands, making it incredibly intuitive to interact or grab objects in-game.

The HTC Vive is unlike anything that we’ve seen before, allowing you to move around an immersive world and interact with objects as if they were in the real world. Expect to see a lot more about the Vive ahead of its arrival in Harvey Norman stores in July.

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