Keep Cool Inside this Summer with Dyson

The summer is finally here and with the long stretch in the evenings you can get ready to enjoy some actual outdoor activities rather than scurrying in from the rain.

There are weekends to organise and picnics to plan, as well as a walk or two  in some wild open spaces with the sun beaming down from on high. So get out and enjoy it!

When you do, inevitably, have to come back inside the heat can be slightly less enjoyable. Whether you’re at home or at work, a higher indoor temperature can quickly make things feel mighty uncomfortable, making it difficult to get anything done.

We say fight back with cooler clothing and plenty of hydration, we’re also big fans of swapping that coffee and a bun for a delicious, quickly melting ice cream!

If you need a little more help, Dyson is ready to swoop in for the rescue. The British company has been revolutionising the world of vacuum cleaners for nearly 30 years thanks to its cyclone technology and more recently has turned its attention to cooling.

Years of development created the air multiplier – a revolution in room cooling which uses blasts of air directed at each other for a stronger flow. This makes the cooling (and also heating!) effect much more effective, filling a room in less time.

The Dyson Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Fan works on this principle, and also includes a focused flow or air when you need it most and is almost silent in operation – partly because it doesn’t use any cumbersome blades to move the air around.

For your office, the Dyson Cool AM06 Desk Fan is ideal. It’s all about personal cooling, with a smooth yet powerful airflow that draws in and projects air wherever you need it most.

It’s perfectly safe to use thanks to the lack of spinning blades and has been auchoustically engineered to reduce both vibrations and unwanted noise. It’s also energy efficient and easy to clean, and comes with its own handy remote control for ease of use.

So no matter the weather outside you’ll be able to keep comfortably cool inside with Dyson products from Harvey Norman.


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